Create new experiences by securely sharing your real-time location and route with your mates.

Backed by offline maps, strong focus on privacy
and full user control.

The Popular Apps
Explore Together

Even if you go your own ways, keep sharing your experience in real-time.

Be Alert

Never miss an opportunity, whether it's the right turn or helping out your mate.

Ultimate Privacy

End-to-end encryption guarantees that you share only with whom you choose to.

Easy to join

Getting Started

Individuals sharing their experience are bound by a unique Norgutel QR code.

Create and share yours to invite, or scan your friends' code to join them!

Feature Highlights

Custom Alerts for Everyone

Get notified on mobility, proximity, going off-track and more events, happening to you or others.

GPX Editor

Create, edit, combine and save GPX tracks and POIs. Optimized for touch screens.

Auto Track Recording

Live recording of your own and others' tracks. Never miss out on a new trail.

Get Inspired

Take inspiration from possible user stories to help start yours right now.

On family bicycle tours, watch out for one another without maintaining constant line of sight.

Know when your partner gets near home just in time to make the final touch on your surprise.

When leading a guided tour, ensure the integrity of your group without intrusive line-ups.

When joining a guided tour, enjoy the freedom of exploration yet remain connected to your group.

Often driving to locations following a colleague's car? No more worries if you get separated by a red light.

Have confidence exploring outdoors, whether your aim is to stay on the trail or to record new discoveries.

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Experience what it means to remain privately connected on the move.
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