Privacy Policy

Last update: 2021-02-04

This website does not use cookies and does not collect any data.

By using the Norgutel application, you may securely share your location with other individuals whom you explicitly invite to your session or whose session you willingly and knowingly join. Privacy of your shared data is ensured by the end-to-end encryption implemented by the Norgutel application, where the encryption and authentication keys are derived from the session QR code itself. The QR codes are generated offline in the user's device. Therefore, those and only those who possess the QR code (e.g., have scanned the QR code from your device's screen in your physical presence) can possibly participate in the session. If you choose to share your QR code via online channels such as email, messaging or any other means of digital communications, devices and origanizations handing your data in transit might have ways to access it (unless you encrypt and authenticate your data before sending it off). If privacy is critical, use offline QR code scanning to share your code with your mates.

The application may use camera to scan session QR codes. The camera picture is analized locally in your device and is not saved to your device, shared with any other application or transferred out of your device.

Norgutel servers are used to relay data between participants in the same session. QR codes are not sent to the Norgutel server by the Norgurel application, therefore Norgutel servers cannot decipher your data either. Therefore, Norgutel servers do not, and technically cannot view, collect or store any personal or non-personal data, either individually or in an aggregated manner. Still, not trusing any publicly available Norgutel server is OK. You are encouraged to host your own server to have all network traffic generated by your sessions to have it contained within your premise.

Norgutel does not bundle or ship with any map or theme data. Norgutel does not offer any guarantee or assume liability for any damages or misuse which are directly or indirectly connected to using the application or the maps within. The app provides a convenient menu for downloading maps or themes through publicly available links from the website of the respective map provider.

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